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16 Reasons to Own an Apartment in NYC


NYC is a 24/7 city, so what better place to live than an apartment that lets you do the same? From activities and nightlife to culture and convenience, there’s never a dull moment in your bustling New York City apartment.

You’re never too far from something exciting, from vibrant neighborhoods like Chelsea and Williamsburg to thriving business communities like Midtown and Financial District. Check out 20 reasons why NYC apartments are some of the best places on earth:

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People Watching

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If you’re a people watcher, NYC has some of the best. With countless restaurants and cafes, parks and plazas, theaters, and stores to choose from, there’s never a lack of interesting folks in your community.



More than 100 museums call the city home with exhibits that range from ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces. And when it comes to sports, New York is one of the top cities in the country for spectator sports. So catch an NBA game at Madison Square Garden or head to Citi Field for baseball’s Subway Series!

Culture Vulture

The Strand Bookstore | Image Source – Pinterest

From great libraries like The Strand to eclectic bookstores like Housing Works, New York offers so much more than plays on Broadway – although those are pretty great too.

Green Spaces

Brooklyn Bridge Park | Image Source – Brooklyn Bridge Park

NYC apartments are minutes away from some of the city’s most beautiful green spaces, like Brooklyn Bridge Park on the East River and Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. These aren’t just eye candy; they’re great for running, playing catch, or reading a book – don’t forget your sunglasses! An exercise is always an option with full gyms in NYC apartment communities.

Convenience is Key

Ferry Under Brooklyn Bridge | Image Source – Pexels

The city offers easy access to public transportation that can get you anywhere within the five boroughs with ease. So whether you prefer buses, trains or ferries, there’s no shortage of options available to help you travel light. And if driving is your thing, NYC is one of the few cities where you can park right at your front door.

Stylish Apartments

Stylish Apartment | Image Source – Pexels

NYC apartments come in a variety of styles and sizes, from small studios to larger rent-controlled units that offer the stability of staying put for years to come. With so many options, it’s easy to find an apartment that fits all your needs. And when it comes time to move out, NYC offers some of the largest resale markets in the nation – with great return on investment!

The Perfect Mix

The Marquee | Image Source – Pinterest

From clubs and lounges along Broadway and dance floors in Chelsea to rooftop bars atop The Standard, New York City has a diverse nightlife scene with something for everyone. So go ahead and pop in a little Stevie Wonder while you do the dishes after dinner – nobody’s judging!

Parks & Places

Peaceful Green Park | Image Source – Pexels

NYC offers some of the best parks and attractions that are open to the public, including civic buildings like City Hall and Brooklyn Borough Hall. There’s always something interesting on view in NYC, so step back in time with a visit to the Museum of American Finance or check out one of your favorite artists at MoMA PS1.

Sports! Sports! Sports!

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Whether it’s Madison Square Garden for Knicks games or Citi Field for Mets baseball, New York is home to some of the country’s most beloved professional sports teams. And when it comes to college athletics, go ‘Empire’ with legendary basketball programs like Syracuse University and Columbia University.

You’re Never Too From Home

Swank Boutique Shop | Image Source – The Swank

Forget hopping in the car to buy groceries or drop off dry cleaning; NYC apartment communities are home to some of the best local businesses in the city. From convenient grocery stores like Key Food and Duane Reade to fashionable boutiques like Swank and Ad Hoc, make life easy with on-site conveniences.

Residential Life is Better Here

Friendly Neighbors | Image Source – Pexels

While it’s true that the city doesn’t sleep, residents do – which means you’ll always have a friendly neighbor ready to greet you or lend a hand if you need it. Moreover, the bustling streets aren’t just filled with people from all over the globe; they’re also filled with people looking out for each other!

Urban Life

Times Square | Image Source – Pexels

NYC apartment living brings you close to New York City’s most iconic attractions, like Times Square and Union Square – one of the oldest public parks in the nation. Plus, with easy access to more than 450 subway stations throughout NYC’s five boroughs, you can explore everything from Midtown Manhattan to Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Big City Dining

Bar Area | Image Source – Lafayette

Featuring cuisines from all over the world, New York City has some of the best restaurants in North America! So whether it’s a slice of pepperoni pizza or handmade sushi steps away from your door – dining out is always an option when you have so many options available.

Neighborhoods Galore

Louis Vuitton, Fifth Avenue | Image Source – Flickr

New York apartments are found in distinctive neighborhoods that offer residents endless possibilities for entertainment, nightlife, and recreation within walking distance of their front doors. NYC has something for everyone, from shopping along Fifth Avenue to taking in a show on Broadway!

The “Little” Things That Make Life Worthwhile

Traditional Cheese Pizza | Image Source – Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

NYC is home to countless world-class restaurants, bars, and cafes so that you can sample everything from mom & pop pizzerias to white tablecloth establishments offering French cuisine at its best. And with more than 800 acres of parks, including the 843-acre Central Park, NYC is a great place to get outside and enjoy ‘the best of the outdoors.’

Cultural Diversity

Girls of Different Ethnicities | Image Source – Pexels

New York City is home to people from every country globally, offering exposure to different cultures like no other. Explore foreign lands – without boarding a plane – by taking advantage of New York’s huge array of museums and galleries.

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