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Top Shopping Areas in New York – Tips for the New Year

Prada NYC | Image Source - Pinterest

Shopping areas in New York are an amazing way to arrive at the most astonishing shopping experiences. People who love to shop would want to go through the unique variety of available shops in this city.

The shoppers can be anyone ranging from shopaholic teens, ladies who adore fashion, and women with their inner shopaholics. Shopping in New York is not just about buying branded products; it’s also about exploring the best markets which provide different types of merchandise, including local cuisines.

In New York and it’s primarily because of the shops and boutiques. The Lower East Side is a crowded area where mostly boutiques can be found, selling various quirky merchandise.

Here is a list of the Best Shopping Streets in New York;

1. The Lower East Side

Shopping areas
Lower East Side | Image Source – Pinterest

This is one of the best shopping areas in New York City. It has emerged as a stylish area of Manhattan, with shops selling clothes, accessories, and various other products. Moreover, the prices for these items are quite affordable, which makes it all the more attractive for shoppers to grab them without worrying much.

2. Chinatown

shopping areas
Shop in Chinatown | Image Source – Pinterest

It is one of the most crowded places in New York City. The place is filled with Chinese shops, restaurants, and markets. People come here to buy quite cheap goods compared to other places in Manhattan. Plus, it also offers various types of cuisines to entice foodies.

3. Union Square

Union Square | Image Source – Timeout Images

This shopping area is best known for its shops selling fashion, accessories, and home décor. In addition, various small boutiques operate from here. People from all over the country come here to buy affordable products.

4. Soho

Celine in Soho | Image Source – Pinterest

At Soho, you can enjoy a hip vibe while browsing through numerous shops selling high-street labels, gift boutiques, and the streets are full of antique hair salons, stylish Italian shoe emporiums along with trendy clothing stores.

So go ahead and explore the best shopping spots in NYC to get a first-hand experience of it and soak yourself in style and glamour.

5. Nolita

A Shop in Nolita | Image Source – Pinterest

This is one of the great shopping areas offering high-end shops selling clothes, accessories, shoes, and handbags. It has become one of the most happening places for high-profile shoppers. So if you are willing to splurge your hard-earned money on shopping, then just visit here to experience an amazing time with your friends or family members.

Moreover, this is another best shopping area that would offer you with best brands at affordable rates. Many boutiques sell different types of products, including clothes, accessories, home décor, etc.

6. East Village

Wayside, A Coffee Shop in East Village | Image Source – Pinterest

You will find various shops selling vintage clothing here, along with quirky markets selling memorabilia. The prices for all these items are quite budget-friendly, making this place a preferred destination for people looking for some unique merchandise while still staying within their budget.

Moreover, there are many cafes, bars, and restaurants in this area. So, you can also have a good time here while shopping.

7. Chelsea

A Shop in Chelsea | Image Source – Pinterest

Served as a fashion century, Chelsea, one of the popular shopping areas, is still home to  New York’s major department stores, which stretch along Sixth Avenue for about a mile from 14th Street up. These elegant stores stood in huge cast-iron buildings that eventually were abandoned.

At the meat market, you can find boutiques selling vintage clothing. There are also various cafes, bars, and restaurants located in this area which adds to its beauty of it.

8. Hudson Yard

Hudson Yard | Image Source – Pinterest

This is one of the newest shopping malls to open in New York City. The shops are quite expensive, but there are numerous food joints which you can enjoy. This mall has gained popularity because of its world-class restaurants.

9. Diamond District

Diamond District | Image Source – Youtube

The Diamond district is one of the unique shopping areas with various small diamond retailers selling loose diamonds and settings directly to consumers at low margins. Most stores have a minimum transaction of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, targeting serious jewelry buyers. For those not working in the trade, it’s best known as home to many wholesale (or cash & carry) diamond sellers who cater primarily to jewelers; retail shoppers will find little if any bargains here, according to Mother Nature Network. 

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