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Verizon Building Gets A Makeover


New York City has an image to protect. An image that is seen around the world by billions. The glimmering and sky-high buildings. The modern but complex architecture. The heights that seem to never end of some of the buildings. So when one walks by the Verizon building in downtown NYC, they almost ask, ‘where am I?’, as the building looks rundown, old, and just not a part of New York City’s skyline. Now the building is getting a whole new look, making it clash with its neighboring buildings.

The building, located at 375 Pearl Street in downtown, has always been known and recognized. When crossing Brooklyn Bridge, it is one of the first buildings one sees. It also is pretty large to miss, making it a sight to see when cruising on the Hudson, or walking around parks in Brooklyn that overlook the city. Not really a site to see, the building was really only known due to it being next to an iconic landmark.

Named ‘one of the ugliest buildings in New York’, the building instantly gives one a vibe that it was constructed in the 70’s and has what was considered a modern look back then. Now, out with the old and in with the new! The building has finally got a new look and construction is already being done on the building.

The new design has been said to be overdue and was originally planned to begin back in 2008. Due to the financial crisis, the plans fell through even though a $350 million renovation plan was given. The building was then sold to developers, Young Woo & Associates in 2011 for $120 million.

Construction is going well and the building is already showcasing a new modern look. The grey facade that once covered the 32 story building is now being replaced with brand new shiny glass, making the building fit right into place with the growing architecture of the Big Apple.

Featured Image via Flickr / Via: Gary Denham

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