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“The Hang New York”: What’s Happening in the City


Even though there is always a surplus of information, there are still not too many platforms informing the younger, educated crowd based in New York of what’s going on in their area and, most importantly, within their own and other faculties. This is where “The Hang New York” comes in.

Living in the city that never sleeps can be overwhelming when it comes to coping with everything happening in New York City. There are many apps, websites and other various information channels that inform users of events in the city, such as what to do that’s cheap, shows, concerts, festivals and the list goes on.

“The Hang NY’ is a media platform where millennials are able to find out about the latest, most exclusive and exciting events in the city that never sleeps, New York City,” the website states. “Parties, festivals, conferences, workshops, we have got you covered!”

The company was founded by Ericka Sanchez, who graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a degree in Advertising in 2014. The 22-year-old entrepreneur started the website as a blog and with time it developed into a successful business.

“The Hang New York “allows college and university students to be aware of what’s happening within the city. The main goal of the project is to implement the different institutions attended by the younger crowd of New Yorkers, which is being established right now.

On www.thehangny.com, you are able to click through all sorts of events happening in the city, allowing you to be up-to-date with what’s going on in the Big Apple.

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