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The End of Four Seasons Restaurant


What was once an upscale American restaurant, serving posh and upper-class food with a mid-century upscale feel of the wealth, it was almost impossible to believe that it would ever close. The Four Seasons restaurant, located right off Park Avenue on 99 East 52nd Street, is closing it’s doors to New Yorkers.

What many are calling it the end to an era, the famous restaurant served its last meal on Saturday night, with many guests snapping pictures and getting their last meal in. What was considered the home to the “power lunch” and where it originated from, is auctioning it’s furniture on July 26th, selling some of its unique bar stools, flatware and more. The restaurant was designed by the late architect, Philip Johnson.

Although it technically is not the end-end for the restaurant, it has been reported that a new location will open after over a year of renovations. The new location is said to open nearby and will house the same type of atmosphere the original did.

Nostalgia is the feeling to guests who attended the last month of the restaurants opening, staff, chefs and managers. What once boasted several reservations in a day, went up to 700 as many wanted to experience the last meals. The booking manager, Sonia Colon, stated that she was getting every type of excuse to be put on a reservation for Saturday night, or the days leading up to it. Few were lucky to get a reservation. The few that did felt nostalgic to the fact that the doors were closing and the meals they were enjoying were the last in a long time.

The restaurant dates back to 1959, with the wealthiest going there even back then. According to an article written by New York Times writer, Craig Claiborne, the year it opened, it stated “There has never been a restaurant better keyed to the tempo of Manhattan than the Four Seasons”. Words that have not been changed to current guests that attended one of the most famous restaurants in New York City.

The end to an era, but the beginning to many new wealthy and opulent restaurants to come in our neighborhood.

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