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Scare At JFK Airport


At one of the busiest airports in the country, it was a ‘business as usual’ type of day. Thousands running to catch their flights, passing by security checkpoints, browsing the shops it has to offer, or simply connecting to their next flight. All regular business on a normal day at John F. Kennedy airport, until nighttime.

When one is at JFK they usually expect chaos and madness, but not the kind that was experienced on Sunday night. On Sunday, reports of gunfire had terminal eight evacuated and caused a chaotic and nightmare scene for many travelers. It was reported that two people had heard gunshots, sending many into a panic. Police searched the building entirely and evacuated floor to floor in order to ensure safety. Nothing was found, and video surveillance showed no shootings.

The evacuations were led by the port authority of New York and New Jersey, and no arrests or injuries were reported. Although what could have been the worst, was just a hoax, it still was not the travel experience many wanted to endure.

Videos and photos showed thousands of passengers waiting outside of the terminal. Many on cell phones, looking confused, concerned, and tired. The photos showed most of the passengers in the parking garage of the terminal. Terminal eight is home to some famous airlines such as Air Berlin, Finnair, Royal Jordanian, LAN, and TAM.

Although a frightening scene, most stayed calm by interacting with other passengers and speaking of the situation which helped relax the mood. Police directed everyone out and informed everyone to keep moving when evacuating the terminal. Thousands of bags and luggage were left behind as people ran out.

No official cause has been revealed as to what had people believe they heard gunshots but investigations are underway to figure out what exactly happened at New York City’s busiest and largest airport.

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