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Saks Fifth Avenue Opens New Location


When walking past Saks Fifth Avenue, one is easily distracted by the up to the minute fashion displays on the windows, or the hustle and bustle that goes in and out of the store, and the glimmering Christmas display it puts on ever year. Overall Saks Fifth Avenue is a worldwide known name, with some of the hottest fashions coming out of there, and with all top designers launching their latest collections there. Now a new Saks location is open in New York City, putting into perspective new fashion talent.

A new glittering location has opened in Downtown New York, in Battery Park’s Brookfield Place, a shopping center. The new two-story store is representing a new type of Saks, rather than the one we all are used to on Fifth Avenue. This store will have more of a ’boutique’ atmosphere, and will focus more on up and coming fashion designers, who are just coming into the spotlight, rather than already famous designers that one sees at Saks Fifth Avenue.

In Saks Fifth Avenue, if one wants a dress they usually go to one of the upper floors, and then if one wants to splurge on a bag to go with it, they go downstairs to the main floor to find the perfect one, or if one simply wants to shop for something casual, they go to the section it is in. At this new location that will not be the case, as everything is considered to be in an “open plan design”, according to Forbes. All of the clothing and accessories will be combined together in order for one to avoid the hassle of running around the whole store. Some of the designers that will be featured and showcased at the new location will only be available there. There will also be no signs in the store.

The store’s setting is also very different than the original, as it is in a circular 86,00 square foot space. All products will be displayed in two huge circle shaped rooms, among escalators that will cut through the center of the store.

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