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Amy Schumer’s Apartment Just Won’t Sell


You read about it all the time. Famous celebrities apartments in cities all over the country going up for sale, asking for a whopping million or sometimes even billions of dollars. You think to yourself how cool it would be to live in an apartment that was once owned by Leonardo DiCaprio? Or Jennifer Lopez? Cool, right? Then you come back to reality and remember you don’t have that kind of money and you settle for your studio or one room apartment, just to be able to say you live in the greatest city in the world. For one celebrity, though, it seems as if no one wants her ‘tiny’ apartment, forcing her to cut down the price.

Comedian Amy Schumer has become a household name. With her talented humor, and hilarious acting, she has made a name for herself, but just like all celebrities, she is moving on to bigger and better. Before she does that, though, she needs to sell her penthouse. Yes, her penthouse. Schumer made it a joke that she lived in a one bedroom walk up apartment, which she failed to mention was also a penthouse. Despite her fame, she wasn’t kidding.

Now the celebrity is having trouble selling that apartment. It is located a block away from Central Park, and a stones throw away from the Museum of Natural History. She had originally bought the apartment for $1.695 million, according to the Business Insider.

Not quite sure why the apartment isn’t selling, a key factor could be the price, as it is too pricey for what she bought it for, or the fact that one has to walk up the stairs, as the apartment is located on the top floor. Still, New Yorkers are most definitely used to walking, steps, and high apartments.

Schumer listed the apartment at a price of $2.075 million, not saying anything about the listing. It was first reported by the NY Post that Schumer had her apartment for sale, but now it’s been almost a year since the apartment went on the market. It was posted in November and with no one buying it, Schumer was forced to reduce the price to $1.625 million, just a tiny amount less than what she bought it for.

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