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Romantic Date Night Ideas in NYC


Romantic date nights in New York City can be an adventure in and of itself. There is something for every couple and every kind of romantic vibe with so many places to choose from. And since romance comes from the heart more than from the location, why not try something different?

The following are some suggestions from young couples living in New York City. This is by no means a complete list, but they all have one thing in common: they are romantic and fun!

A Night at the One World Observatory in Lower Manhattan

The One World Observatory is one place that offers a unique experience every time. The lobby is built so that each floor looks out onto a different part of the cityscape, and there are interactive exhibits that tell the story of New York City’s past, present, and future. If you’re hungry, try dinner at ONE Dine, where soft colors and natural light help set an intimate mood for a romantic evening out.

Be My Girlfriend Laser Tag in Brooklyn

What better way to bring two people closer together than laser tag? In this event, women can be guys’ girlfriends for an hour or two as the couples use laser guns to shoot each other. It’s one of those activities where everyone can be on exactly even footing… except for when girls win because boys play with weaker intensity.

To the Top of the Rock

You can do several things at the top of Rockefeller Center, but if you want to experience the view with your sweetheart only, then book a ride up in the Sky Pod elevator. It’s usually $32 per person, which is not cheap, but it’s well worth it for that one special moment alone with your significant other.

Enjoy a Walk Through the Riverside Park

Stroll through Riverside Park, creating lasting memories along the way. This is a favorite spot for many local couples to enjoy each other’s company, from taking walks in the park to strolling over the less than half a mile-long pedestrian bridge that crosses over West Side Highway. And if you really want to put in some work, go all the way up past Grant’s Tomb and take a good old-fashioned nature hike!

Shop on Fifth Avenue

Shopping is always romantic in New York City. A stroll down Fifth Avenue gives you all of the city sights than you could imagine, and then some! Take a look at world-class fashion brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada (the list goes on…) while your date can admire your great taste in fashion.

Setting Sail on a Cruise Around Manhattan

One of the most beautiful places to take a date in NYC is around Manhattan Island on a sunset cruise. This romantic cruise tour will let you see the city’s most iconic buildings all lit up against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. There will be food, drinks, and music to make it an easy-breezy evening out on the water with your loved one!

Catching a Show at Lincoln Center

This is one perfect way to spend a date night for those couples who have a lot of history. Lincoln Center is a performing arts center in New York City, home to many artists and companies, including the famous New York Philharmonic Orchestra. The best option for seeing a show is going to be at David Geffen Hall, where you will find some of the world’s finest orchestras and performers.

Enjoy a Night at the Whitney Art Museum in Chelsea

What could be more romantic than a night out in the city at the Whitney Art Museum? The museum is home to paintings, sculptures, and much more from American artists across decades. And with ten floors of exhibits from various periods in the 20th century, there’s something for everyone!

NYC is home to many romantic things to do. But it’s also worth remembering that the city is always changing, and as such, if you find yourself strolling through Central Park on a cold winter night or ducking into a bar before rain turns into sleet and snow, don’t be afraid to change plans! Just because something doesn’t fit your original plan doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for you.

I hope the above list of romantic date night ideas in NYC will help you choose the activities that suit your taste and style.

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