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10 Popular Museum Exhibitions in NYC


Museum Exhibitions are quite a popular attraction in and around New York City. Moreover, it is a great way to learn while also taking some time off. The city is brimming with museums of contemporary art, history, design, and more that offer tours and exhibitions around the year.

For example: If you are an avid fan of the arts, you can visit MoMa for its new exhibition on “Hiroshige – Master of Landscape” or if you want to get close to nature, visit the Frick Collection’s current exhibition on French drawings from Chardin to Corot.

Here are 9 more museums to visit this summer with details about their new shows.

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The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most visited museums in New York City. Among the museum’s permanent collection are some iconic pieces, including Guernica by Pablo Picasso, American Gothic by Grant Wood, and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Henri Matisse. Other notable paintings include Pablo Picasso’s Three Musicians, Jackson Pollock’s Mural on Indian Red Ground, and Andy Warhol’s Triple Elvis.

This summer, two impressive exhibitions are worth a visit: one featuring artist Karel Appel, which runs till 21st August, while another is dedicated to Mark Rothko titled ‘Mark Rothko-Works on Paper,’ which is open till 26th July.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met offers something for everyone, including the classical art lover, fashion enthusiast, and history buff. There are so many exhibits to explore here, with around 5 new rotating shows every year. For example, this summer, you can see ‘Venus and Adonis by Titian,’ ‘American Modern,’ ‘China’s Terracotta Army: The First Emperor’s Legacy,’ and more.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney museum has acquired an international reputation for exhibiting contemporary art in all forms. Currently, there are two impressive exhibitions at Whitney. At the same time, it also hosts a number of ongoing performances, talks, and events throughout the year while highlighting different aspects of life in America. The main exhibition is dedicated to artist Sam Gilliam which runs till 9th August, while another is on the life and work of New York-based artist Robert Rauschenberg that will remain open till 5th September.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The museum is one of the most impressive works of art in New York City and a must-visit for any art lover. Frank Lloyd Wright-designed the building, and there are so many galleries within it filled with different exhibitions throughout the year. Currently, you can visit ‘Numeralia: Marking Time,’ ‘Kiki Smith: A Gathering,’ and more.

The Polonsky Exhibition of NYC Treasures at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

This exhibition consists of more than 250 items that have been taken out of the New York Public Library’s vast archives to be displayed for all to see. The library holds one of the richest collections globally, including over 16 million books, 77,000 manuscripts, 13 million photographs, prints, and drawings spanning 4 000 years of history.

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum offers various exhibitions throughout the year. Still, you can visit ‘The Studio Museum,’ ‘RADAR – LA Art + Film,’ which is their annual contemporary art exhibition at their new location in Lincoln Square, or ’40 Under 40: Craft Futures’, which is part of their young membership initiative that focuses on the next generation of craftsmen.

Christian Dior – High Fashion Exhibit

This is one incredible opportunity to see 50 iconic pieces by Christian Dior personally curated by his daughter Gérard Dior. The exhibits are currently being shown at the Brooklyn Museum until next week, but they will be moved to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Creatures of Light

Here you can spend time exploring Sea creatures that are bioluminescent and their ability to communicate, hide, attract prey and even defend themselves. The exhibit is inspired by creatures in the deep sea and features jellyfish, fish, and fireflies that glow. Moreover, these are the creatures that glow and glitter, and this is a great opportunity to see them alight under special ultraviolet light and projection mapping.

Photo Factory of Andy Warhol

With over 120 images, Andy Warhol’s exhibit showcases the New York City studio and gives viewers an inside look at his life and work. You’ll see intimate and lesser-seen celebrities, fashion icons, and art world luminaries featured in the photographs and learn more about Warhol. This exhibit is definitely worth seeing!

Do visit at least one of the exhibits listed above and have a great time in NYC!

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