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Rising Local Music: Jirias and RKG Ready Upcoming EP “New Year”


Here we like to put the spotlight on the music and artists that you might not otherwise come across, and today we are happy to shine that light on the upcoming independent EP from Jirias and RKG, New Year. To date, 3 songs off the EP have been released, and you can hear Come Down below. Come Down, with its funky distorted disco instrumentals are a perfect showcase to complement Jirias’ style.


We were thrilled to learn that his latest work was only a few short weeks away. Yes, the EP New Year will be released on the extremely appropriate date of New Year’s day.

For those that don’t know, Jirias is a New Jersey based Palestinian-American Rapper and the lyrical mastermind of New Year. Jirias employs signature rhymes and flows that are clearly influenced by his favorite rappers but still all his own at the same time. RKG is the production wizard behind New Year, his signature instrumentals provide the perfect partnership to the lyrics and delivery of Jirias.

Let’s look at the first single off of the New Year EP, “Whispering”. “Whispering” is a laid-back jam that you can foresee yourself listening to on a relaxing beachside drive. Jirias at the same time both lets the instrumental breathe while also laying down his verses. You can listen to “Whispering” below:

The second single off of New Year is “Black Beatle.” The slowly rising instrumentals and subsequent Curtis Mayfield give the track the mental image of rising up in an urban city, an image mirroring the ascent of Jirias and RKG. “Black Beatle,” the song and not keyboardist Billy Preston, for you Beatles history aficionados, is a track with perceivable peaks and valleys, it is a journey of a song. You can experience “Black Beatle” below:

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to listen through Jirias and RKG’s New Year EP at least 15 times this upcoming January. Jirias and RKG are quietly racking up quite the catalog, and at the pace the duo is going, they will be the next big thing before you even know it!

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