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NYC Drivers Can Pay for Parking via Smartphone App


Parking in New York is about to become a lot easier for drivers in Manhattan. The Department of Transportation announced the launch of a new app, ParkNYC, which is operated by Parkmobile. The app is available to download for free and can now be used for on-street parking between 14th Street and 59th Street. DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said:

“It’s a huge convenience. We’re hoping that will mean, perhaps, less enforcement from the NYPD, fewer parking tickets, less of the problem of the meter running out.”

Once the app is downloaded and an account is set up, users are instructed load an initial payment of at least $25. Going forward, users parking costs will begin drawing from the initial $25. There are no transaction or credit card processing fees charged to users.

A key feature of the new app is that users are able to pay the meter remotely. App alerts notify the user when the meter will out and they can then choose to extend it remotely. Additionally, there is an option to remotely pay the meter when it starts in the morning. Thomas Chan, NYPD chief of transportation, shared some ParkNYC details on his Twitter:

Getting started is broken down into a few simple steps. Users first need to download the app or go to ParkNYC.org to register. The next step is entering basic personal information, including a phone number and email plus creating a password. The user will need to enter a license plate number for the account. Then, the user can set specific alert and notification preferences for their account. The final step is loading the initial $25 to the account. Once parked, the user will enter the meter’s unique zone number for that block and select the length of time. Finally, the option is available to extend the meter remotely if it is close to running out.

For those who do not wish to use the app, meters will still accept cards and coins. Parking rates and time limits will remain the same. By summer 2017, every meter in every borough will be payable by the app, according to the DOT. Mayor Bill de Blasio showed his support for the new app, saying in a statement:

“Parking in New York City can be a challenge, but ParkNY will make it just a bit easier. With no paper receipt and the ability to quickly get on your way, this new pay-by-cell tool fulfills our commitment – made in this year’s State of the City address – that we would help save New Yorkers the most precious of resources: their time.”


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