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Piers Morgan’s $125 Haircut

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan pampered himself at a designer salon in Kensington. He was delighted after his $125 posh haircut and posed with two hairdressers at the Daniel Galvin salon.

Mr. Piers Morgan captured the mirror selfie. The three were wearing their masks in the photograph.

Mr. Morgan made his way to the salon after the United Kingdom reopens. After a third national lockdown, the UK is open. Salons are opening their doors again for customers.

Piers Morgan was recently about Meghan Markle. The TV presenter’s rant swiftly swirled all over the internet.

The Good Morning Britain TV presenter said it was “good to be back under the knife” in his post. Piers made this comment regarding his haircut.

Piers joined an entire galaxy of stars, from Stacey Solomon to Lizzie Cundy, making the most of the shops and hairdressers opening up again on Monday, April 12, as lockdown continues to ease.

Mr. Piers Morgan visited the Daniel Galvin salon often before the coronavirus got in the way. The presenter had visited the salon during the Royal wedding week to get a haircut before his Good Morning Britain coverage on the event.

Besides that, Piers Morgan also expressed his excitement about the restaurants and pubs reopening outside.

Excitedly, Piers wrote: “BREAKING: As pubs and restaurants reopen outside… it has snowed in London. In mid-April. This is as British as Britain gets,” he said.

Piers Morgan’s feud with Meghan Markle

Recently, Piers Morgan got held up in a Royal storm. He commented Meghan Markle, saying he does not believe a word she said on the Oprah couch. However, Piers Morgan refuses to apologize to Meghan amid the feud.

He mentioned recently that members of the Palace had reached out to him. They were showing him their support.

Piers recently wrote: “Not all Royal duchesses were as thrilled as Meghan “Pinocchio” Markle to see me leave Good Morning Britain.”

Sarah, Duchess of York, said to him: “People have said how much they miss your morning joy and humor. ‘Get back out there!”

Piers Morgan mocked the whole situation with Meghan Markle by saying: “Perhaps we should start a new breakfast show together… ‘Morgy and Fergie in the morning,’ anyone?”

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