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New York has put the Lactation Bill into Effect


Nursing moms will now have the privacy and space they need to breastfeed or pump in New York City thanks to the new lactation bill signed into the law.

Mothers will now have the chance to have a private room in a public to place to breastfeed their babies.  If a mom needs to feed their child, a room will be provided in public places such as SNAP centers and DMV locations, according to Pix11.

When they have to feed their child, mothers usually breastfeed at the comfort of their own homes, but when they are in public it becomes more difficult and try to have it done in the restrooms or other places where no people were around.  Now they have the opportunity to have a private space to breastfeed.

Women can now request to have a room for them to feed their infants and have the material provided for their time.  Such material includes, running water, an electrical outlet and a chair.

This bill was created by Robert Cornegy Jr., council member, and the bill was then officially signed at Brooklyn Borough Hall.  “This is a victory for many mothers that endure long wait times at many public offices without a sanitary and comfortable room to accommodate their hungry infants,” Cornegy said in Pix11.

Women and mothers have supported and approved this new law and after some difficult circumstances, the bill was then put into affect.

If a mother needs to feed their baby and need a room to do so without any disturbance, wait for the new public lactation rooms to be open on July, 1 2017.

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