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Justin Bieber Speaks About ‘Tough Marriage’.


Justin Bieber looked back at his journey during with GQ magazine interview. Justin revealed that the couple’s first year of marriage was ‘really tough’.

“I just felt like that was my calling. Just to get married and have babies and do that whole thing,” Justin said.

Bieber said he is holding off on fatherhood for now. Justin and Hailey married in a New York courthouse in 2018. The couple exchanged vows in South Caroline in 2019 again.

Justin admitted, “The first year of marriage was really tough.”

“Because there was a lot, going back to the trauma and stuff. There was lack of trust. There was all these thing you do not want to admit to the person you are with. Because it is scary. You do not want to scare them off by saying, ‘I am scared’.” he said.

The 27 year old icon said he spend his first year of married “on eggshells”.

However, Justin Bieber mentioned that this has now changed.

Justin said: “We are just creating these moments for us as a couple, as a family, that we are building these memories.”

Justin and Hailey Bieber connected in 2009. They met in the lobby of the Today show. They dated in 2016 briefly. In 2018, they rekindled their romance.

Justin Bieber dealt with mental and physical health issue and abused drugs in the past. He struggled to flourish in his personal life and career.

“My home life was unstable. Like, my home life was not existing. I did not have a significant other. Did did not have someone to love. I did not have someone to pour into. But now I have that,” he said.

In addition to that, Justin Bieber called his wife a ‘strong, consistent, stabilizing force’ in his life.

However, the public critiqued Justin’s actions towards Hailey Bieber. They said he treated her badly and she deserved better.

Fans noticed Justin screaming at Hailey a couple of times. Concern arose regarding his behavior and body language around Hailey. Selena Gomez revealed that Justin Bieber was emotionally abusive to her before. Fans watch out for Hailey and Justin’s actions do not make matters any simpler.

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