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Inside Matt Gaetz Controversies


Representative Matt Gaetz’s recent controversy regarding his illegal connection with a 17-year-old girl that carries legal jeopardy is now spiraling all over the internet. According to reports, Matt Gaetz showed nude pictures of women on his phone to lawmakers.

The 38-year-old congressional representative now has his career at stake for allegedly involving himself in a sexual relationship by paying a 17-year-old girl who is still a minor. The United States Justice Department is currently looking into the matter. According to three unnamed people, Matt Gaetz paid the girl to travel with him. If this is true, Matt Gaetz has committed another illegal issue of inducing an underage individual to travel over state lines for sexual activities.

According to The Times report, Representative Matt Gatez and Joel Greenberg have been paying women for sex. The allegations are by the receipts from CashApp, Apply Pay and mobile payment apps.

However, Matt Gaetz has denied these allegations by saying that he has been generous with his past girlfriends but has never involved himself in any sexual activities with underage girls. He also said has never paid for sex, nor has he engaged in any illegal conduct. He also said that will not step back as he has nothing to do with any of these allegations. According to him, these allegations are laid up against him. On Monday he said that he wants to remind everyone that he is a representative in Congress, not a monk or a criminal.

“This is how DC works. The guilty point fingers at the innocent and right. And I am absolutely not resigning.”

These controversies are still undergoing investigations. However, they may negatively impact former president Donald Trump’s politics as Matt Gaetz was one of his closest kin. However, none of Donald Trump’s aide has cared to speak about his matter.

Furthermore, Matt Gaetz claimed that this investigation is a scheme to extort him and his family for $25 million. He also claimed that people who approached his father Don Gaetz said they could make the situation go away. Representative Matt Gaetz said that he will not be extorted or intimidated by the situation.

Representative Matt Gaetz’s controversy led to another case related to his associate, Joel Greenberg. Greenberg has many charges on him, including the sex trafficking of a child. In a recent press conference, Matt Gaetz’s aide, Nelson, said that he knows nothing about the investigations or Greenberg before last week’s reports. However, he said that these are “baseless” claims. He also said that approach by the FBI convinced that the recent allegations against Representative Matt Gaetz are just a fabrication.

Katie Hill recently spoke about this matter. He wrote: “If recent reports are true, he engaged in the very practice he defended me from. And should resign immediately.”

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