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Rihanna Takes a Stand for Social Justice Against Asian Hate


Thanks to Trump, there has been a massive spike in Asian hate. Vicious attacks on Asians are on the rise. This weekend, Riri saw it as a responsibility to stop racism and marched for social justice in New York undercover. Tine Truong, Rihanna’s longtime assistant, marched along with her. Moreover, Rihanna also shared her Instagram handle with those who did not recognize her.

The pop icon opted for an all-black leather outfit, sunglasses, a hat, and a mask. She carried a big green sign that read “HATE = RACISM AGAINST GOD.” Truong’s Instagram story was posted on Monday showing Rihanna dancing along in the streets. However, this is not Rihanna’s first social justice protest. In 2017, she protested in New York City after former president Donald Trump set off the Women’s March and dabbed in front of the Trump Tower.

In February 2021, Rihanna also stood up for the Indian farmers by tweeting her support for them, “Why aren’t we talking about this?!”

Rihanna is indeed not shy about soldering and coming out for a good cause.

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