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Citi Bike to Expand to new Heights


New Yorkers are used to the everyday commute, subway, bus, taxi, you name it, but ever since Citi Bike launched back in 2013, it has been a source of not only commuting but also for exercising, making it a huge success. The bikes have been stationed all over the city making it all the easier for bikers to put them back near where they have to go. Now a new expansion is making way for more bikes.

The bicycle sharing business has begun it’s expansion today, as it seeks to go more upward in the city. It plans to put more stations in the upper west side and the upper east side. Already, stations have been placed on 85th street, right near mid-Central Park, and will go up to 110th street, which is Harlem. This will happen in the next coming weeks.

Not only is New York City expected to get more stations, but Brooklyn is as well. Plans to build more stations in the borough are expected to come through within later this year. A more set schedule on the additions of stations would be given to the public in the next coming weeks. Brooklyn has given much use to the bikes and if more stations would be placed it would be ideal for the residents and commuters who want to bike. Citi Bike docks have also been proposed to be placed in neighborhoods in Brooklyn by late next year. Rumors have also circulated that bikes could be placed in Western Queens as well.

When Citi Bike first launched, it only had 6,000 bikes, now it plans to run up to 10,000 bikes at the end of the year. By the end of next year, a prediction of 12,000 bikes is in the works, as the new stations would add growth. The bike system is operated by users paying a daily fee to use the bike or an annual fee that lets one take a bike in and out of a station to where ever their destination is and park the bike at another station.

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