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Austrian Designer Irina Vitjaz to Launch Brand in USA During New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion week is coming up and fans, designers and celebrities will be watching and wearing new designs, especially a new brand from Irina Vitjaz.

Vitjaz’s work is mostly recognized in Austria and in Europe.  She will now make her appearance in New York with a new brand that will get the attention of other fashion enthusiasts and fans.

The Russian fashion designer started out as a prodigy at a young age.  Her inspirations came from cities all over the world, which led her to collect fabric, choosing a cosmopolitan style for her designs, and making her collections for her future.  She tries to make her outfits both elegant and extravagance in order to make her own style.

Numerous celebrities have worn an original Irina Vitjaz, including Lilly Becker, Agnes Husslein, Renate Danler and Mira Sorvino.

Vitjaz had lived in Austria for most of her life and her work made its way on the runway at MQ Vienna Fashion Week.  Since then, she became an international fashion icon.

Irina Vitjaz will take the next step in her fashion career by unleashing her new brand at New York Fashion Week and introducing her creativity to the United States.

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