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Airbnb Issues; Living There May Not be as Easy


Your vacation home may soon not be a vacation home in New York. Airbnb users, an online rental service that allows users to rent vacation homes, is facing a ban from the state for short term rentals. New York state already has a ban on rentals that last fewer than 30 days if the resident of the home is not present. The new law would not only preclude the rentals lasting less than 30 days but also prohibit the advertisement of it.

A user could be fined up to $7,500 in these updated rulings. Several hotels have complained against the site, as it not only takes away from their businesses, but it also does not comply with zoning laws and safety codes. Some of the vacation homes have even been billed as “illegal hotels”.

The company which operates from San Francisco, California, is operating in over 200 countries and insists they help tourism, rather than take away, and helps avoid costly prices in luxury hotels or any other resort. They also state that $60 million of their $25 billion revenue is given to the state in taxes. Housing activists that are affordable have also expressed concern for the sites short term rentals, as it takes away from the housing stocks in the state.

The new bill was approved on Friday and will soon go to the governor as it has already gone through the house in the past. Due to the circumstances, Airbnb has taken down New York City listings posted by commercial users. This is not the first time the company has faced legal issues. In the United States, and Europe as the same issues have occurred throughout the states, and in Germany. Germany has complained against the company for the same reason New York is, and a Berlin court is due to rule out short term rentals as well. Although the senate and the state are fighting against this service, the company is fighting to keep the short term rentals in order for their tenants to not have problems paying their bills. Although the companies aim is to feel that one lives there, it may come with a high price.

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