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A World Record On A Subway


New York City is home to many world records. Whether it be people accomplishing them in the city, or the city itself accomplishing a goal. Either or, it is no stranger to the Guinness Book of World Records. Now, yet another record was broken, this time by a 25-year-old and the subways of New York City.

Matthew Ahn, 25, has broken a world record and is pretty much the king of the subway. The 25-year-old broke the record for the fastest trip to every single subway station in New York City. Yes, that’s right. Every single subway station in the city.

It took Ahn 21 hours, and 28 minutes to accomplish this journey in which he survived with five granola bars. The 21-hour journey was prepared with the utmost intricate details, in order to avoid any transfer and beat his own world record. Wait, he already has a world record? That is exactly right. This is not Ahn’s first subway journey, hence why he is the subway king.

Last year, Ahn won the same world record with a time of 21 hours and 49 minutes, making it 21 more minutes more than this years. It was not an easy journey at all, as he had a very hot day to deal with on his journey. This year, however, he was able to visit one more station, 34th street Hudson Yards, which was not open last year and still manage to beat his record.

Preparations to beat his time also came with times, as he spent hours preparing spreadsheets, studying the system, looking over all 469 stations and looking over the subway’s timetables in order to find out the fastest route and shave off time.

Although the route is and will remain a secret, it has been reported that he started at almost two in the morning at Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue on the A train and finished nearly at the same time at Flushing Main Street station on the 7 train.

All his hard work paid off. For a man who traveled almost an entire day in one of the most complex and longest subway systems in the world, the Guinness World Record team has officially recognized his work as a world record for the fastest trip to every single subway station in New York City. Now that is impressive and makes our everyday commute not seem all that long.

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