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A Vineyard On A Rooftop


For the wine lovers of New York City and the surrounding around, there is a new kind of experience. When one indulges in a delicious glass of wine, they usually picture themselves in the Tuscan vineyards of Italy, or in the middle of the mountainous vineyards of Chile or California. One usually does not picture themselves on the top of a rooftop with New York City surrounding them, but now City Vineyard is giving one a whole new experience when enjoying a glass of Merlot.

Michael Dorf, City Winery’s Ceo has opened up not just a new type of restaurant, but also a type of ‘waterfront’ eatery that typically lacks in New York City. With more and more restaurants being opened on rooftops, or on the side of streets, it is truly a unique experience.

The restaurant lies right on Tribeca on Hudson Park’s Pier 26, right between North Moore, and Hubert Street. It has a patio and deck, the deck being upstairs, and the patio being downstairs, giving customers a great view of lower Manhattan, Freedom Tower, and New Jersey’s Jersey City. The goal of the restaurant if to give guests the feeling that they are in a ‘wine garden’ decorating the place with grapevine leaves. The restaurant will be open all year round accommodating more than 70 people indoors, and nearly 200 outside when it is warm out.

Although the restaurant has been a hit with Summer in full swing, and many wine lovers in the city looking to try something new, there is a limited menu. The limited menu is due to the fact that the kitchen is waiting for gas service at the moment. On the menu is cheese, ceviche, and more. A perfect accommodation to one’s wine.

Small intimate concerts are also provided to guests, while sipping wine, catching the sunset and listening to live music. It may not be the beautiful vineyards abroad, but it may well be a nice kind of wine experience in one of the largest cities in the world.

For more information, City Vineyard’s website link can be found right here.

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