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Busy Subways To Be Even Busier


In 2019, things could get extremely hectic for one of the busiest lines in New York City. Meaning a nightmare to commuters and many late workers, getting around will seem like a hassle or even impossible. And we all can give our thanks to Hurricane Sandy for this. How is this possible as hurricane Sandy made landfall nearly four years ago?

Hurricane Sandy made some pretty significant damage to the city. One of it’s major damages was to the city’s subway systems. With many being repaired and back up and running, it is hard to imagine that a line would have to be fixed up due to the storm this far removed from the storm. But now one of the busiest lines in New York City is closing for a minimum of 18 months in 2019 due to damage done by Hurricane Sandy.

18 months is a very long time, with many fearing a chaotic commute. The L train will stop running between Brooklyn and Manhattan, making hundreds look for an alternative route or make a more grueling commute. Up to 225,000 commuters could be affected by this, as many travel from Williamsburg into Manhattan.

The 18 month closure comes after it was decided that this would be a more adequate amount of time to keep a subway closed, as the original plan was to keep it closed for three months. The L train will keep operating as usual in Brooklyn, but will not go to the Manhattan stops which are closed due to the repairs. About five stops will be closed.

As many are fearing this closure, it is not the first. The N and R trains which go through the Montague tunnel, and also from Manhattan to Brooklyn or vice versa, was closed for 13 months due to repairs that had to be done that was caused by the hurricane as well.

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