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A NY Legend Passes; Gary Marshall Passes at Age 81


When one thinks of the beloved Gary Marshall, they think of famous movies such as Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries, Raising Helen, and so much more. His movies made everyone laugh, cry, and think about everyday circumstances. Unfortunately, Marshall passed away on Tuesday, at the age of 81.

What makes Gary Marshall connected to the city, is that he was from the city. Marshall was born in the Bronx on November 13th, 1934. He resided in the Bronx most of his young life, having graduated from high school there. He later went on to study journalism at Northwestern university and was a sports writer for the college’s newspaper.

A joker, an actor, and a director. Some of the many things Marshall became in his life. Writing jokes is what launched his career to be a director in the 1950’s. He later on went to television where he developed the show called Happy Days, and Mork and Mindy, which set off the late beloved actor, Robin Williams, career.

Later on in his life, Marshall went on to create brilliant films that many of us have fallen in love with. He made Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway household names, as he directed the famous Pretty Woman (1990) and The Princess Diaries and its sequel (2001, 2004). He also directed several other films, including the star packed films, Valentines Day (2010), New Year’s Eve (2011), and Mothers Day (2016), which was his last film.

Marshall also worked on several theatrical productions and usually worked as an actor with small roles in his film, usually making himself the soda guy, or a bum tour guide, in most of his films you really had to have an eye to catch his short roles.

He was loved by so many and an outpouring of grief came from several actors, such Henry Winkler, Jason Alexander, Albert Brooks, and more. Anne Hathaway, the breakout star from Princess Diaries who would go to act in several household name films and even win an Oscar stated on her Facebook “He wasn’t interested in judgement or non-plot related conflict. He just wanted to have fun and laugh and do good work. He was so, so smart and canny and yet he lived entirely from his heart.”

He is survived by his wife Barbara, and his three children, including Scott Marshall, who is also a film director. Thank you, Gary Marshall, for all the laughs and good films we went to love for many years to come.

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