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Heat Dome To Hit Big Apple


More heat is coming to New York City, and meteorologists are suggesting all to ‘brace themselves’.

That’s right New York, just when this settling warm and nice Summer is finally taking its course, it will be washed away starting today into the weekend. Weather forecasts are predicting temperatures close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with experts calling a ‘heat dome’ to come over New York.

So what is a heat dome? A heat dome is considered to be a ridge of high pressure that sits underneath the ridge with all the hot temperature. In a heat wave instance, it means the wave is coming and going, meaning one second its hot the other there could be a cool breeze with a sigh of relief, but next thing you know the humidity and hot temperatures are back. A heat dome means it will stay the temperature it is, and not change. It simply sits there. Meaning it’s going to be hot, very hot. Record breaking temperatures are already being predicted for the weekend.

Along with this hot weather to hit the Big Apple will be another reason to keep cool and brace one self. In come humidity. Yes folks, humidity will also be in the mix. Just when one thought the heat would be enough, humidity will take it’s course as well this weekend, with a possibility of thunderstorms.

We should be grateful though as luckily, yes luckily we are only getting close to the triple digits, meaning we may not actually hit them, but we will be very close to them or feel as if we did hit them. In places such as Oklahoma City and St Louis, temperatures will hit a hundred and teens. Now that’s heat.

The city is suggesting to keep cool by staying indoors, or keeping cool as much as possible if outdoors. Such as going to a pool, drinking a lot of water, or limit regular exercises to a shorter amount of time.

Stay cool this weekend everyone!

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