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10 Best NYC Breweries


NYC breweries are exploding. The five boroughs currently play host to about 20 operational breweries, and that number is growing fast. That’s a lot for a city with fewer than five million people! But it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality: More and more frequently we’re seeing beer from NYC breweries in critic best-of lists and award winners at festivals across the country.

NYC brewers are experimenting with new techniques and ingredients, collaborating (and their counterparts as far away as Europe), and working together to raise money for charity. So now seems like as good a time as any to round up some of our favorite local brews; here are 11 “classic” beers you might have to hunt down if you want them but are definitely worth the trouble.

The Bronx Brewery

This NYC brewery involves in delivering a refreshing and flavorful classic IPA. The Bronx Brewery uses a blend of two-row pale malt and English crystal malt to deliver a solid base, with Simcoe and Citra for the hoppy aromas/flavors.

Finback Brewery

This brewery creates an array of beers such as Living Water, which is an American Pale Ale brewed with Cashmere, Galaxy & Simcoe hops. Finback also brews Toasted Lager, made with German Vienna malt that undergoes 18 hours of cold fermentation then lagered for 6 weeks resulting in rich flavor without heaviness or sweetness.

Alphabet City Brewing Company

This brewery crafts Brooklyn Local 1, which takes its name from the city’s original brewing appellation (distinctive, neighborhood-based names were reserved for beers brewed in Manhattan). It’s a deep golden brew with flavors of light citrus and toasted malt.

Singlecut Beersmiths NYC

This brewery creates 19-33, which is an easy-drinking pale ale that has a bright, dank aroma with low bitterness finishes cleanly. The brewers use New York State grown barley harvested at Blackbird Farms in Oneonta, NY along with local hops from Crosby Hop Farm in High Falls, NY.

Coney Island Brewing Company

This brewery delivers American Ale, which is made purely from American two-row malted barley and the whole flower Tettnang hops—no rice or corn used here! The result is a light, crisp, and super flavorful beer.

Blue Point Brewing Company

This brewery makes Blueberry Ale, which is made with the addition of fresh blueberries to its award-winning American Ale. The result is a fantastic balance between sweet, tart, and refreshing with the aroma and flavor of ripe berries.

Sixpoint Brewery

This brewery creates Brownstone, which is an oatmeal brown ale that has a malty but not too sweet character and notes of chocolate and roast balanced by subtle hopping with hints of floral and citrusy aromas in the mix as well. It’s available year-round or seasonally in cans (which you can also pick up at Beacon’s Closet ).

Kelso Beer Co

This brewery delivers its Brooklyn Local 2, which is a more limited release than the Bronx’s Local 1. It’s an American pale ale that’s citrusy, crisp, and clean—the hops are not too overbearing but still provide a nice kick.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

This brewery crafts its Rosso E Marrone, which is a sour brown ale aged in oak barrels with rosemary, lavender, and elderflowers. The result is a tart, lightly tart, and all-around interesting addition to our list! 10. Rockaway Brewing Co This brewery crafts Beach Juice IPA, which comes out of the tap with huge orange-citrus notes initially before giving way to light maltiness on the finish (a perfect summer beer if we do say so ourselves!).

Good Beer

This fine brewery in NYC was founded in 2011 and is devoted to crafting outstanding beer that’s approachable and easy to drink. It delivers a selection of ales and lagers including East Village Pilsner, a light and crisp pilsner with citrus flavors; Greenmarket Wheat, a hefeweizen brewed with American wheat malt and hops from the U.S. Mosaic hops for a big citrus aroma/flavor; Helles Lager, a light lager that’s been cold fermented for 5 weeks at 34F to deliver more of the delicate flavors of the malt, this beer is lightly hopped to highlight its unique flavor profile.

Torch and Crown Brewing Company

This NYC brewery is amongst the newest breweries in the city and focuses on classic English ales. It’s got a great collection of beers including Hops and Robbers, a West Coast-style American India pale ale that’s bursting with citrus, tropical fruit, and pine aromas balanced by caramel maltiness; Red Hook ESB, an English-style extra special bitter that packs a malty punch at 55 IBU but is still smooth and easy drinking.

There you have it, 11 NYC breweries to check out anytime you feel like it.

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