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We’re Not Rude


As millions of visitors come to visit the glamorous New York City, we are often annoyed to find out that we are among some of the most “rude” people in the country. Some have taken great pride, while others have taken great offense.

To those whom have taken great offense, take no more! A new study shows that New York City is no longer the “rudest city” in America. The Big Apple took home the number one spot last year, and this year studies have concluded that it take a bronze medal in the race as it comes in third.

So who did take our number one spot? Turns out the glitzy apartments, breathtaking beaches, and luxury store packed boulevard of Miami may just have made it number one. This year’s study shows that Miami, Florida won the number one spot as the rudest city in America, with Phoenix, Arizona coming in at number two.

Miami’s multicultural atmosphere, and sky high skyscrapers are making its residents more presumptuous that they are the greatest in the country making them, well, “rude”. The residents of Miami are also being described as “beautiful wealthy people”.

With many tourists, as well as residents from New York City, New Yorkers have been described as arrogant, rude, and quiet. This new study has concluded that more New Yorkers each day are becoming more genuine, and courteous to others. More tourists are also finding more New Yorker’s helpful as they ask for help with directions.

On the contrary, San Antonio, Texas won for the “friendliest” city in America, followed by Austin, Texas.

As New Yorkers, we may have taken great pride in becoming rude to others, or maybe it’s just our busy schedules and our jam-packed subways that have us, well, irritated and tired. But more are realizing that a smile does go a long way and that shoving and pushing and looking down won’t help our city. Our city is known around the world for being vibrant, and loud, something its residents should be, and maybe one day, instead of being known as a rude city, we’ll be known for being a “friendly” city. For now, may we continue to work our way down.

A smile to you, from NY Rush.

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