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The Top 13 Gelato Shops in NYC


Until we all learn how to teleport, a trip to Italy to indulge in gelato may take some time to save up for. Italy is a country that most, if not all people, dream of visiting, specifically to sample the delicious foods it’s famous for. Gelato is one of those such treats that is number 1 on Americans food bucket list. It is especially craved for during the long, hot summer months, which New Yorkers dread. While New York City isn’t the homeland of gelato, it undeniably has a plethora of shops that can boast some of the best icy treats in the world. Your stomach will thank you after tasting these shop’s Italian specialties!

1. Gelateria at Eataly


Courtesy of Gelateria at Eataly

Not only does this establishment import their premium nuts straight from Italy, but they use local organic milk for their gelato. Perfect for a sweltering hot day, this gelato tends to be served colder than most other brands. A favorite flavor of customers is fiore di latte, a sweet milk that bursts with creaminess, despite that there is no extra vanilla added.

200 Fifth Avenue, 646-398-5100

2. A.B. Biagi

ab biagi

Via Instagram/@ashloo

This place spices up gelato like its never been done before. Say hello to Brazilian inspired flavors that will change everything you ever thought gelato should be. Organic milk and exotic ingredients are blended into flavors such as basil-pine nut and açai-banana.

235 Elizabeth St, 212-219-8094

3. Grom


Courtesy of Grom

One of the more popular options amongst Upper West Siders is Grom. It is formally a gelato chain from Milan. The expresso is a must-have at this location – the organic coffee beans are imported from Guatemala ,and one cup can keep you up all day into the night.

2165 Broadway, 212-362-1837

4. Via Quadronno

via quadrano

Courtesy of Via Quadronno

Via Quadronno is an adorable, quaint Italian café that will make you feel like you’re abroad. They have created their own concoction of gelato that utilizes old-fashioned, Brooklyn-style milk ices, mixed with the typical higher fat gelato.

25 East 73rd Street, 212-650-9880

5. Ciao Bella

ciao bella

Courtesy of Ciao Bella

The ultimate escape for fruit flavor lovers! Their gelato is perfectly creamy, smooth, and cold, and you can even mix in toppings like brownies and cake. All of this is presented in a cool atmosphere with plenty of outdoor seating reminiscent of an al fresco.

285 Mott Street, 212-431-3591

6. Popbar


Via Instagram/@popbar

Popbar just might be the perfect option for the busy New Yorker. ‘Pop’ in and grab some gelato ice pop style. Have an extra hand at the ready to send emails on your phone while you enjoy your “Fudgeiscle-esque” treat, perhaps topped with nuts, chocolate, or other coatings.

5 Carmine Street, 212-255-4874

7. Savarese


Courtesy of Savarese

Home to all of Italy’s famous pastries, Savarese boasts some of New York’s best gelato. Why not combine pastry with frozen treat? The cannoli gelato cannot be beat — topped with candied fruit and chocolate this is hands down the best dessert of the bakery.

5924 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-438-7770

8. Amorino


Via Instagram/@amorinogelato

Some can be put off by Greenwich Village’s somewhat pretentious vibe, but this establishment is one that is worth the praise. It has a huge variety of flavors to choose from, all of which are delicious.

60 University Place, 212-253-5599

9. L’Arte del Gelato


Courtesy of L’Arte del Gelato

Loved by locals and tourists alike, L’Arte del Gelato is one of the best of the best. It has the perfect gelato consistency, just the right amount of lightness and creaminess at the same time. It has all your typical flavors, but if you’re feeling more adventurous there’s so many interesting savory and tangy treats to try such as olive oil, cream zabione, and licorice.

75 Ninth Avenue, 212-366-0570

10. Gelato Ti Amo

gelato ti amo

Courtesy of Gelato Ti Amo

The East Village is home to this top-notch gelato shop that uses the best quality ingredients. Organic Mukki milk, hazelnuts from Lagne, and pistachios from Bronte are just some of their great products. Their signature flavor, cheesecake, is made with strawberries, homemade cream cheese, and digestive cookies. For those of you who hear digestive cookies and gasp, do not fear the name — it’s just a British chocolate coated cookie. As a previous London study abroad student, I can tell you that digestive cookies are the greatest thing in the world — I will be trying this flavor in a heartbeat.

68 Second Ave, 212-432-2800

11. Il Laboratorio del Gelato

laboratorio del gelato

Courtesy of Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Noted by many New Yorkers as one of the best gelato shops is Il Laboratorio del Gelato. There are an astonishing 200 rotating flavors of gelato on the menu. Looks like you’ll have to keep coming back to try them all!

188 Ludlow St., 212-343-9922

12. Fortunato Brothers Café


Courtesy of Fortunato Brothers Café

This is one of the most authentic Italian cafés you can find in NYC. When you’re here, don’t just get the gelato (which is amazing and has 24 Italian speciality flavors to choose from), but also try out classic pastries and desserts like Tiramisu and Zuppa Inglese.

289 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, 718-387-2281

13. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria


Via Instagram/@ottopizzeria

Yes, this is a pizzeria, and yes it does have some of the best gelato in NYC! Come for dinnertime and have their famous crispy pizza, then finish off with smooth gelato or sorbet if you’re in the mood. They also have a gelato cart stationed in Washington Square Park when it’s nice out. The flavors change seasonally, but some of the restaurant’s best have been lemon meringue and lemon huckleberry swirl. The olive oil gelato is always available because, well, it’s the best. You’ll have to see for yourself!

1 5th Ave., 212-995-9559

Image via flikr/avlxyz

Written by: Jessica Montgomery

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