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Extra Extra; Avengers Is Looking For New York Extras

ARTS & CULTURE, First Looks, Movies, Spotlight, The New Yorker

If you’re a huge marvel fan and bask in the lives of superheroes and dream of making it on...
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Sully Movie Remembers Miracle On Hudson

ARTS & CULTURE, Movies, Spotlight, The New Yorker

No one will forget the day Captain. Chesley Sullengerger, miraculously landed a plane into the Hudson River as a flock of geese struck the...
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Willy Wonka Is Coming To Broadway

ARTS & CULTURE, Best of Best, City Guide, Movies, Spotlight, The New Yorker, Theater and Performances

Who can forget Gene Wilder’s unforgettable in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or Johnny Depp’s in Charlie and the...
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Official Trailer for Star Wars Latest Movie ‘Rogue One’ Released


Fans of Star Wars rejoiced today after the official trailer for “Rogue One: A Star Wars...
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‘Suicide Squad’ Wins at Box Office Even if it Lost with Critics


Bad reviews couldn’t stop the villains of DC Comics from taking over the box office. “Suicide Squad,” starring Will...
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Devil Wears Prada Film turns 10

Fashion, Movies

One of the Fashion capitals of the world is celebrating the 10th anniversary of a movie that made headlines all around the world for its...
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Entonces Nosotros: A Refreshingly Unexpected Film


A dose of harsh reality intermixed with an unexpected element of effortless comedy. Hernán...
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