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Extra Extra; Avengers Is Looking For New York Extras


If you’re a huge marvel fan and bask in the lives of superheroes and dream of making it on the big screen then this may just be your shot. According to a casting website, the film and its producers are looking for extras in the Big Apple. This could be your shot!

Avengers: Infinity War will soon begin production in New York City. Set to start in May the movie is looking for a wide variety of extras. Imagine being swooped into Captain America’s arms or kicking the villain to the curb with Iron Man or your favorite superhero, or just get a one-second peek of the actors working. Hey, in New York anything can happen.

A listing on moviecastingcall.org stated that the film is looking for people around the ages of 18-50’s of all types, male, female, any ethnicity, but there is one particular look that is being emphasized and that is a New York type of look. Also, someone with good character faces is a plus. There is one rule being strictly enforced and that is ONLY newcomers will be welcomed on set. If you have worked on a previous film as an extra you are not qualified to be part of the extras.

The film’s schedule is very tentative for now, but a date of May 19th has been given to start. If you are chosen you might be required to come in for a wardrobe fitting in early May and your schedule must be extremely flexible and open as film works around the clock. They don’t work around yours, you work around theirs.

This is not the first time an Avengers movie has hit the streets of New York City, in 2012 while filming the Chitauri invasion many bystanders witnessed the action as well as extras. Principal photography will be done at Pinewoods Atlanta Studio Georgia but some scenes are done in the streets of New York City as well.

Best of luck if you decide to go out for this experience!

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