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Coronavirus Pandemic: Marie-Reine Jézéquel NY Habitat President Believes in “Serve the one who Serve”

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to shutting off all kinds of non-essential businesses. A similar...
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One Step Closer to an HIV Cure?

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A “promising cure” for HIV and Aids has recently been discovered, according to the scientists who led a study which managed to almost...
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If You Have the Flu, Slimy Frog Might Be Your Newest Ally

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Yes, you did read that correctly. Despite how strange it may sound; slimy frogs might actually be useful in fending off the feared flu. In...
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Progress in the Fight to Beat HIV

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A ground-breaking discovery has recently been made in the medical field, which is bringing...
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Alarming Study Shows 20% of Patients with Serious Conditions Initially Misdiagnosed

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New research published this past Tuesday shows that over twenty percent of patients who went after a second opinion at one of the leading...
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