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A New Kind of Sculpture in New York City

Art Exhibitions, ARTS & CULTURE, City Guide, First Looks, New York Neighborhood, The New Yorker

Unique and intricate sculptures can be found all over New York City if one knows where to find...
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Music Spotlight: Jirias, the Palestinian hip hop Artist

ARTS & CULTURE, Music and Concerts, Profiles

Welcome to a new feature! We are creating a new series where we highlight some lesser known artists who absolutely are worth a listen! On...
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Miami Artist Spreads World Peace Murals Across NYC

Art Exhibitions, ARTS & CULTURE, City Guide, Profiles • 2 Comments

Renda Writer can usually be found at local art exhibits with a smile on his face and paint stains on his hands. His art can be found...
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L. Joevon: A Voice Flourishing Out of a Cinder Blocked Past

ARTS & CULTURE, Books, Music and Concerts

“Never be something that you not, but everything you can.” – Mustard Seeds A few powerful...
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SunHe Hong: An Indefinable Artist

Art Exhibitions, ARTS & CULTURE • 3 Comments

One feels bathed in romance upon entering the demurely-lit townhouse on east 30th street. Escaping the bleak city streets, one enters a...
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