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Soccer Fields to Help Fight Obesity


Child obesity is on the rise, and it is no stranger to children here in New York City. As the rates grow more and more every day, New York City mayor Bill De Blasio announced a plan to help fight that growing number, in order to promote a healthier and more active environment for children in the Big Apple.

Mayor De Blasio announced on Tuesday that the city will build and fix up to 50 soccer fields in rundown neighborhoods. It is in hopes that it will combat the issue. A $3 million public-private partnership is in charge of building and fixing the fields.

De Blasio says that the new fields could be ready as early as next year, and will bring the “beautiful game” to New York City and “give kids a leg up in life”.

Soccer brings the world together, with major tournaments held throughout the years, such as the World Cup, the Euro Cup, and most recently held in our very own city, the Copa America. Soccer is the one sport that unifies the world, and is known globally, and understood by many. De Blasio has many hopes that it will not only combat obesity but also unify the city and make it more “harmonious”.

According to De Blasio, the highest rate of childhood obesity is in the South Bronx, which is four times higher than they are in Manhattan. Soccer is believed to help fight this dilemma. The sport will not only fight conflict but will also teach kids to win and lose, teamwork, and shows acceptance, as soccer is a sport that is played by both boys and girls.

The fields will be paid for by NYC FC, Adidas, the U.S. Soccer Foundation and the city itself. The goal in soccer is to score a goal. A goal that will fight child obesity in our city as well.

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