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Snapchat To Grow In New York City


Millions of users check their Snapchat accounts daily. If not daily, several times a day. Snapchat has reshaped social media in more ways imagined. What is consisted of videos and photos to show a user what one is doing in that exact moment has taken a toll around the world, as millions of user globally use the app. Now the growing app is going to grow even more, right here in our neighborhood.

Initially released in 2011 by Stanford students, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, created an app originally called ‘Pictaboo’, now known as Snapchat. It has become one of the most used apps in the world and is only growing, with more advancements to the app being talked about everyday, and more users signing up for it.

Now with it’s significant growth, Snapchat is planning to take it’s success to New York City, the best place in the world for media and advertisement. Based in Venice, California, the company has agreed to make 396 jobs in New York, coming off an exchange in tax breaks that equal five million dollars from the ESD (Empire State Development).

A proposal by the ESD specified that Snapchat create the new jobs in the next five years and make them last until the year 2027. The deal was confirmed by Snapchat to Business Insider. Snapchat says it will be committed to giving roughly about 400 people jobs. It has over 900 people working for them globally, and a number on how many work in New York City has not been disclosed, although reports have came in to outlets that 161 people have listed on their LinkedIn profiles that they work for Snapchat in the city.

The company is located in the former New York Times building near Times Square and has recently made more office space by expanding the office space already acquired. In the media capital in the world, the booming app is sure to have more success come it’s way.

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