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Samson is Lving Large in New York City


When a tourist is walking around the streets of New York City, he or she see dogs and cats on every corner walking, sitting or running around the parks.  But, none of them could compare to the largest cat in the city, Samson.

Samson is a 4-year-old wild cat who weighs 28-pounds and is approximately 4-feet long.  His owner, Jonathan “Splurt” Zurbel, 42, claims that his pet is naturally large and is perfectly healthy.  Samson eats three times as much as an average cat as well as the amount of kitty litter used, according to the inside edition website.

The cat’s fame grew with the Instagram photos taken by Zurbel.  With the weight being 28-pounds, Samson is now going for the world record for the world’s largest cat.  With his posts on Instagram, both the cat and the owner looked and saw the comments and none of the people had a cat bigger than Samson.

Samson’s path to world record stardom had a few casualties along the way.  One example is that he became large enough to wear a dog collar because his size made the cat collars small for him and also he couldn’t be able to climb a tree.  However, he manages to have fun and jump around the house.

Other times, Zurbel and Samson walk around the city and people were flabbergasted by the cat with responses like, “Is that a cat?”  Samson even has a stroller that Zurbel puts him in a couple times a month to enjoy the fresh air, according to the inside edition website.

The world record for the largest cat was once claimed by another feline, but recently passed away making Samson a shot for the title.

Will Samson be the next world’s largest cat or just the biggest feline in New York City?

“Featured Image via Reuters”

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