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Ordering From A Secret Menu


Dining in New York City is like no other place in the world, especially if it comes to fine dining. New York City houses some of the most expensive restaurants in the country and has some of the gourmet food around with world-renowned chefs taking over. Some are so inclusive, a reservation must be done months in advance, while for others hours of a wait might just be enough to savor the food. Now a secret menu by an online restaurant company may be the gift many New Yorker’s have waited for.

When eating gourmet food, one does not expect it to be delivered to their door, although they wish that was the case. Now, the online restaurant company, Caviar, has released a new secret menu tor take out. That’s right, take out. It is a secret in the sense that not many know about it and it is gourmet food delivered right to your door.

The San Francisco based company delivers food from restaurants right to your door. It has been described as an easy way for ordering food at independent restaurants. It caters to other cities around the country as well. They have an app as well to make it easier for people to order. The foods that will be available on their secret menu is only through Caviar and no one else. On the website one can find dozens of meals to order from, but the main attention now is going to the secret menu with the gourmet food.

One can order these items and have them delivered anywhere from Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn. The items on the secret menu are from varied different restaurants, and only from some of the best. Such as Butter and Scotch, Emmetts, and Ottos Tacos to name a few.

The items on the menu have been raved about, with pizza sandwiches, pizzas, different types of sandwiches, tacos, salads, sushi, and desserts just to name a few all leaving New Yorker’s very happy. A one of a kind experience right at your door step.

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