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NYPD Officers Use CPR to Save Unresponsive Baby


Two NYPD officers were on duty patrolling the Bronx on Friday evening when they came across a woman running down the street with a baby in her arms, calling out for help.

Officers Felix Baez and Giovanni Laguna saw the woman, Lilina Benigno, near 138th Street and Willis Avenue in Mott Haven around 8:30 p.m. They said that the baby in her arms appeared unresponsive as she begged for help in Spanish. The baby, identified as Ashley Dolores, was also turning blue.

After identifying themselves as officers, Laguna placed the unconscious baby on the ground and began performing CPR. Meanwhile, Baez called for an ambulance. After about a minute of performing CPR, Baez noticed that the baby had a faint pulse.

“It was the first time I put my training to use, and I saw it working,” Laguna said. “It was awesome.”

Officers then transported Benigno and her baby to Lincoln Hospital in the back of their unmarked patrol car. Laguna continued performing chest compressions while they drove to the hospital. Baez maintained communication with the radio dispatcher during transport. Other officers in the area assisted by stopping traffic at several intersections.

The baby was treated at the hospital and later listed in stable condition. Both officers stayed with the mother and her child for a while.

“It feels great. I feel a great satisfaction knowing that the mother and daughter can have another day together,” Baez told New York Post.

NYPD shared the details of the story on their Facebook page last week.


Featured Image via Facebook/NYPD

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