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No More Circus In the Big Apple?


What was once a famous entertainment landmark in the city, is not coming back this year. The Big Apple Circus, who enthralled audiences from all over for 38 years looks to be coming to a close. Due to insufficient funds, the popular circus is bowing out of the spotlight this season.

As a small circus, the show made their spectacle all the better. With only 1,500 seats for guests, it gave a different kind of feeling than a regular circus. Rather a more intimate feel for families to indulge in. No one expected the circus to not come back into town.

The director of the circus has said that problems arose in 2008 when the financial crisis hit. Before then corporations and banks would buy out a tent to have a private show, giving the circus quite a business. After the financial crisis, not many private shows were given, and the circus’s financial problems began.

The Big Apple Circus was not only in New York City, the circus performed in cities such as Boston, Atlanta and much more, giving it more revenue. After Hurricane Sandy, more issues came up for the circus as performances were canceled. In Boston, the 2013 marathon bombings caused cancellations in the city, and in Atlanta ice caused the tent to not be suitable for the show.

It’s not all bad news though as the circus is not permanently shut down. There are ongoing campaigns to save the circus, and the website also has a section to donate. The circus is doing everything it can in order to maintain another season underway in the coming year and provide more entertainment to families for years to come. A goal of two million dollars was is set in order to maintain the circus. Right now it is $900,000 short meaning the circus is not out of it’s nightmare but it is still able to provide community services, such as clown care, which sends it’s clowns to children who are in the hospital.

Members, staff and performers of the circus are not giving up hope, hoping to come back next year with a greater and better show to audiences in the city.

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