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New York Children With Respiratory Infection Hospitalized

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State officials stated that the New York children have been hospitalized, suffering from breathing problems. About 15 children were admitted to the hospital with Kawasaki disease, later after performing tests, kids are confirmed COVID – 19. The test reports confirmed after two days of the kids been hospitalized. From 15 kids, the affected has upsurge to 64 who are in hospitals.

As stated by the health officials that the diagnostics of the disease had shown symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome, the Officials are finding it as a mysterious disease with inflammatory swelling of blood vessels and rashes on the skins. Inflammation is also seen in the coronary arteries with high body temperature.

Kawasaki disease signs In New York Children

The condition of Kawasaki disease is rarely seen in kids under five years old. Early signs observed are of high fever, and slowly inflammation in the respiratory parts is observed. The New York children hospitalized underwent through the Serology testing ten children have been tested negative. On the other hand, six kids have been negative with the presence of antibodies in their body.

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Indication reveals that the kids were infected by Covid-19 but now has entirely recovered with the formation of antibodies in their blood. Hospitalized kids were serious cases that were admitted, but as health department states that the complete recovery may be difficult. Kawasaki disease attacked kids with early symptoms or undergoing treatment may undergo critical health or organ damages if late observed. It may lead to different long term body complications.

New York children under 21 years who are suspected to be suffering from Kawasaki diseases, doctors have requested to contact nearby hospitals. On the other hand, doctors receiving such cases are advised to refer to a pediatric specialist for critical care.

Age groups two years to 15 years infected to Kawasaki disease

The effect of coronavirus has intensified in children between 2 years to 15 years, along with the rare disease Kawasaki. According to the health experts of New York, the disease has not led to any deaths. Still, it can lead to multi-organ inflammation with chances of long term complications depending on the severity of the causes. This is a new symptom seen among the COVID-19 victims.
While as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the infected children are at low risks compare to the adults suffering from COVID -19.

United Kingdom warned about the syndrome

The United Kingdom has already warned about the sudden changes in the symptoms of Coronavirus infection. Children are suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms and cardiac inflammatory swells, including stomach pains. After the UK, it is the New York children who are with similar intense symptoms.

At the time of hospitalization of the kids, it was a mystery case for the health department, but after the COVID-19 tests, they were confirmed positive. Five children from New Jersey, St. Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital has successfully recovered; they were suffering from similar symptoms. Kids were under supporting care with treatment for blood pressure and all required antibiotics.
The doctor, who is on the front-line, working for the treatment of COVID-19, mentioned the strange symptoms in the kids of New York. Strange was the symptoms that have newly developed in the kids and are acquiring the autoimmune among them.

Health Officials and hospitals are actively tracking and reporting if any cases are observed for early detection of the disease. This can enable them to recover rapidly, reducing the life risks of the New York kids. But early detection may be difficult, and only seriously ill kids were taken to the hospitals

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