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New York Apartments of Top 6 Celebrities You Should Know

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New York apartments in Manhattan, Tribecca, Brooklyn have ever been the prime place, therefore it has increased preference to purchase apartments and townhouses. The sophisticated area with top market streets, restaurants and business hubs has made it a prime spot for billionaires’ to purchase and invest in properties.

The celebrities who have lustrous New York apartments are:

Roman-abramovich New York apartments

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Roman Abramovich’s New York Mansion 
Roman Abramovich’s purchase of mansion has been worldwide news, worth of $180 million. It is one of the expensive and biggest mansions, among popular New York apartments. The mansion space covered area is 19,400 square feet, that has become a hot cake of Manhattan real estate.
A billionaire, owner of the England Chelsea Football Club has combined the properties of three to create a single giant property in Manhattan, New York. With the addition of the fourth building, the floor area has turned up to 20,000 square feet.

HowardHoward New York apartments

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Howard Schultz
Among top New York Apartments, it is the “Jewel Box in the sky” is the renowned property of Howard Schultz famous American businessman. A billionaire who was chief executive officer of Starbucks from 1986 to 2000 bought his penthouse in 2017.
The CEO from Brooklyn New York has chosen to stay in a four-bedroom flat; the area covered is 1600 square feet of a penthouse apartment. He bought the duplex penthouse at 40$ million, the magnetizing visuals and the apartment is located in 155 West 11th Street.


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Sarah Jessica Parker
The popularly known actress from The Sex and the City has recently bought her extravagant apartment in with has purchased her one of the New York Apartments is in West Village. She has bought the apartment for $ 34.5 million. It is located at West Village, West 11th Street. The space covered by the large mansion is 39,000 square feet with a massive green yard of 2100 square feet.
The covered area includes a stunning modern kitchen with attractive interiors. The interiors are a mixture of contemporary and modern styles of architectural work.


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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Tribecca has always been a preferable place for celebrities who purchase New York apartments. It is because of the wonderful atmosphere and top business place that makes this place the on-demand area for real estate.
Based on the exceptional approach of Tribecca one can easily predict the cost of the penthouse, an amount of $28 million. A four-bedroom flat with a large open terrace, apartment with neighborhoods like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

taylor-swift-tribeca New york apartments

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Taylor swift
The popular singer Taylor Swift has several apartments, while the latest is the penthouse on the top floor in 2017 worth $18 million. She posses two penthouses at 155 Franklin Street. In 2014 she bought her first penthouse worth 19.95 and later the townhouse, three-storied.
The unique entrances with a vacant storefront, Swift’s latest apartment has a covered area of 6,226 square feet. One of the most sophisticated areas of the New York apartments for residential buyers.

Steve madden new york apartments

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Steve Madden
Steve Madden’s apartment covers an area of 4624 square feet worth  $12.2 million. The amazing architecture of the floor has created a compulsion for the homeowners. The CEO and founder of the company possess a congo with five bedrooms at the 65 stories of Billionaires’ Row tower.
The New York apartment surrounds with the views of Central Park, East River, and Skyline, an incredible abode of nature all around. The curvy glasses and half ceiling shaded balcony marks it as one of the best creations of the designer.

These are few celebrities who have their properties in the coziest part of New York. Real estates are working mostly in these areas due to the increasing demand for apartments in these areas, and the apartments satisfy the architecture and interiors of the dens.

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