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Kelly Clarkson Awarded with the $10.4 Million Montana Ranch

Kelly Clarkson

According to news, the judge gave Kelly Clarkson the $10.4 Million Montana Ranch. Apparently, Blackstock had been living in this marital property ever since their split. 

Blackstock’s position stating that the Ranch had to be shared among the duo upon split was rejected by the court. According to sources, the judge was sure to follow the premarital agreement. Also according to the sources, Clarkson gets to make decisions pertaining to the farm as she was the one to purchase the home. 

The decision reads as follows,

“The Court further finds that the Montana Ranch and the other two Montana properties are not titled in both of the Parties’ names either as joint tenants with right of survivorship or as tenants by the entireties, as required under the PMA to create a marital property,” 

The decision further said, 

“The Court, therefore, rejects Respondent’s position that the Montana Ranch and other Montana properties are marital property owned 50/50 by the Parties.”

However, this decision is seemingly confusing to the pair; Clarkson and Blackstock as Blackstock will be the one living on the property while Clarkson owns it. 

According to E! News, it was Blackstock’s deliberate choice to work as a full-time rancher upon splitting. Upon the breakup, Blackstock was using the Montana Ranch as his residential and business location. 

According to the court’s determination, the maintenance cost of the ranch is $81,000 per month and reports say that Clarkson sought permission to sell the property due to its’ unmanageable cost. This request was rejected by the judge, according to the sources. Further, the huge amount of fees related to the Ranch property was then ordered to be paid by Blackstock, back in April 2021.

As for Clarkson, the court ordered her to pay a sum of $200,000 to Blackstock, every month. Blackstock, a former music manager, is responsible for all the costs involved in transporting their kids to and from Montana. 

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