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Falling Schools To Be Restored In NYC


With the new school year underway, the nation’s largest public school system is gearing up for another year in the books. More than a million students are beginning another year. Although it may be the nation’s largest school system, it also is a very troubling one as the schools have not been considered ‘diverse’. Mayor de Blasio and the boss of city schools, Carmen Fariña are making strides to improve on issues brought up.

With many people saying the kindergarten universal program not being enough to give the schools diversity, de Blasio and Fariña have set out to invest more money in schools that are in need of help. Fariña has been working in the city schools for 51 years and has a lot of experience in the classroom and in school politics.

With diversity lacking, and social services not being of much assistance, Fariño has high hopes this year, with the intention of adding more programs and more social services. She also wants to fix, more importantly, the education. Education is a pivotal tool in order to succeed, especially in one of the most job-driven cities in the world. The education students will receive in school is crucial in order for them to go on to college, and succeed. Fariño’s goal is to improve on reading, making it her goal to have all students reading at grade level. To help with this goal, she plans on hiring literary coaches to have more of a one on one interaction with the students. She also believes that second graders are entering the most important year of language skills.

This is just one of the goals that the public school system has. The schools hope to bring out more advanced placement classes, college trips, and also more guidance counselors, to guide students in the right path to achieve their goals.

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