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NY government pleas for test kits after 82 confirmed cases in Westchester County

Coronavirus outbreak in NY

Coronavirus Outbreak leads to Pandemic increase in New Yorkers as  people were tested on suspicions of contracting the virus. Duly the concern of the government remains if untested people remain suffering from the disease. On Friday, the Department of Health has  shown concern about the large scale of undetected coronavirus cases remain unfolded in New York
New York was free from the coronavirus outbreak until last month. It is only recently that the first case of coronavirus was detected while Iran was suffering most from the virus after China. Till 8th of March, already 89 confirmed cases of coronavirus have shaken the health department and New York government. On request, this Saturday 23,000 kits  diagnostic Kits arrived to test large scale to the earliest.

The major Coronavirus outbreak is concentrated in the Westchester County cluster, it is based on the north of New York. As per looking into the intensity and number of people suffering from the disease in that particular zone, the number of people with infection is feared to increase in upcoming weeks has reached to 82 positive cases.
After this uncertain detection based on suspects to spread coronavirus in NYC, the head of the Council Health Committee, Mark Levine said that “I think it’s fair to say we have no idea how many New Yorkers have been infected with this virus”.

Coronavirus outbreak: 103 cases detected positive

As the first case was a woman, a health worker who returned from Iran and was detected positive coronavirus infection. After her isolation and beginning of treatment, the sudden coronavirus outbreak was traced in a man, a lawyer from Westchester, recorded as second case.
The person is 50 years old who works as a lawyer commutes to Manhattan regularly for his work. He had no record of traveling to China or any international places, but recently he went to Miami and after returning he had a respiratory illness problem. After the second detection of the coronavirus outbreak, finally, the increase in the number of patients in the New York State has risen to 103 persons.

Westchester County Suspected To Be Intensified

82 cases of coronavirus outbreak is in Westchester County out of 103 confirmed in the state. The second case of the lawyer was confirmed and also his family members have been confirmed to be infected by the virus and also while their neighbors were tested, two are confirmed of having the viral attack.

Besides the man, his wife was confirmed in addition to his daughter who is 14 years old and son is 20 years old was found to be COVID-19 positive. Finally, it was after the confirmation that his daughter’s school SAR academy was declared voluntarily closed from Tuesday. His son studies at Yeshiva University, has canceled all the classes on Wednesday at the Wilf campus. Washington Heights.

As the area has been confirmed, to further detect coronavirus NYC, in Westchester county, Cuomo stated in a meeting on Wednesday that initiatives will be taken to test and identify if furthermore cases of COVID 19 are detected.

Corona Virus NYC Suspected 2773 Are Isolated

coronavirus outbreak in Westchester County

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, about 2773 of New Yorkers are requested for voluntary isolation at home. Self-quarantine has been home from the severely affected countries like China, Italy, Iran, Japan, South Korea, and Italy as stated by Dr. Oxiris Barbot.
The coronavirus outbreak has severely attacked after early two detected cases. They have confirmed positive in their test, both of them are admitted to the hospital. They are a woman in her 80s and a man, 42 years of age from Nassau County has been hospitalized after identification of the disease and are in critical condition.
This is also the strange situation that the two patients who are admitted to the Intensive Unit have not traveled in the highly affected areas, nor any kind of connection can be established with the  coronavirus outbreak and infected people. “They are critically ill” said, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Government has requested CDC for rapid testing as 1000 people are still present to be diagnosed for fast detection of the coronavirus.

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