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Amazing NY Bars to Hang Out!

NY Bars

NY bars are one place to look up to whenever you want to add color and memories. There’s no better feeling than holding a cocktail with the right blend. New York has some amazing bars and we’ve listed the top 10 to try out when you are up for a drink. Check out these top places;


Located in Bushwick, Mace bar has a very unique style. It’s difficult to know you are at the right place through the front door but when you get in, you are welcomed with art which is pretty impressive for an average joe like me. The bartenders will do their best to make your drink special and of course, taste delightful.

Their signature spice cocktails are worth a shot. The interior has a very Victorian style and is not so large but you can have a conversation with your friends without having to raise your voice even if the music fills the entire atmosphere.

They have an amazing selection of Absinthe which is really cool since it’s been banned for several years now. Just sit back there and you’ll see why people are flocking to this bar!


This is an amazing bar which you should visit. It’s located on the Lower East Side and its decor reflects the name ‘Attaboy’. It has a very clubby look with some neon lights on the walls and ceilings, making it worth visiting!

The cocktail selection is marvelous and they have completely eliminated beer from their menu. However, they do serve different juices so don’t worry, there’ll be something for everyone who will walk in.

Their bartenders are friendly and welcoming but hands down to Michael McIlroy (owner of Attaboy), he knows what he’s doing and loves what he does. He made sure that not only did his staff understand how to make quality cocktails but also had time to train each bartender himself which is the reason they all have a good idea of how they should work.

The seating arrangement can be found in old furniture such as caravans and chairs made of wood. You’ll love their dim lighting with dark curtains and chandeliers, giving off an Old Hollywood feeling!

The Up & Up

Located at Chelsea, The Up & Up has a beautiful canopy-style roof where you can enjoy all-weather around since it’s well enclosed and also has heaters when needed. They serve mixed drinks which taste great (obviously!) and I’m not even surprised at how tasty their cocktails are because the owner used to work at Pegu Club (a really nice place!). Their service is also great and you’ll feel like you’re in a different world once you get in.

They have some snacks that go perfectly with their cocktails and they play live music at night. It’s one of the best places to chill out after work!

The Tippler

This bar has a very interesting theme which makes it so unique from all other bars. You will get amazed once you get inside since it seems like you stepped into another dimension (like Alice In Wonderland). Their drinks are tasty and the prices are worth your money.

It doesn’t matter if it’s crowded, just find yourself comfortable and sit down at any table available then ask for a cocktail list to see what tickles your taste buds! Don’t worry because the staff is friendly and welcoming.

If you want to dine, they have some great food! Their menu is quite small but everything on it tastes rich in flavor. I love how each dish has a tiny snack that goes perfectly with what’s being served whether it’s beer or cocktails!

Clover Club

One of the most classy bars you’ll ever visit! Their cocktail menu is so extensive and it’s a wonder why its coffee liquor drinks are a must-try.

They have a great selection of cocktails, they’re not stingy with their pour, and they don’t skimp on the alcohol content.

Their interior decor is also worth looking forward to since they’re not trying too hard to make it look fancy but rather making sure that they’re comfortable as much as possible without sacrificing style. It has low lighting with some luxury-feel furniture which will make you feel like royalty.

Another plus factor for this place is their staff who all have good knowledge on how they should serve people based on their preferences. And lastly, they have a great selection of snacks and food!

The Penrose

This bar is located at Flatiron District which feels like an old house. They make their drinks one by one so they never serve anything that’s not fresh, thus you don’t have to worry about your drink tasting stale or bland.

They play live music from time to time but always remember to check their event schedule before going there because sometimes, they’re closed down for private events!

Their service was okay even though they were getting busy he asked our group what we wanted then made them right away without any delay. Their cocktails are tasty just the way I want my drinks! Their interior decor also gives off a nice vibe making it so perfect for a chill-out night with your friends!

Their food is also something to look forward to. I recommend going here with a big group of people since they have a lot of space on their tables making it great for bigger parties.

The Dead Rabbit

One of the most popular bars in New York, this bar has amazing vibes and decor that will make you want to go back there again and again! I love how they play live music from time to time but if you’re planning on going there with a big group then better call them before since it’s hard getting a table when it’s crowded.

They’ve been recognized by so many magazines and were featured on multiple art forms describing how talented they are at bartending and making delicious cocktails. They make sure that you’ll get the best experience of your life by making their drinks perfectly!

Their interior decor is also amazing, it’s rustic but modern with a bit of Irish charm added into the mix. Adding to that, they have unique paintings on their walls which makes you want to stare at them for hours just taking everything in!

If you’re feeling hungry then I suggest going with their entrees because they have great food! I haven’t tasted anything yet that tastes less than perfect so don’t miss this opportunity whenever you see their menu posted outside the bar.

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