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10 Ways To Stay Warm When Visiting New York City This Winter


Winter is one of the best times to visit New York City! The city has so much to offer, from world-renowned museums and Broadway shows to delicious food and diverse neighborhoods. But New Yorkers know that winter can also be a bit chilly – which is why New Yorkers have some great tips for staying warm during those cold months. Here are 10 ways you will want to prepare before heading out into New York’s chilly winter weather.

Carry a fleece blanket

Fleece blankets are a must-have to tackle the New York winter. New York winters can be a bit chilly and New Yorkers always have their fleece blankets handy. The best part about the fleece blanket is that it is easy to fold up and store in your purse or backpack for those unexpected moments when you need some extra warmth!

Pack Pack Pack and Bring layers

New Yorker’s are masters of layering, which makes them perfect for New York winters. Whether it’s a long-sleeve shirt over a turtleneck, or jeans and wool socks, New Yorkers know that layering is key to staying warm during the winter months.

Wear layers of clothing

For those days where you may be doing some outdoor activities like walking in Central Park or ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza, New Yorkers suggest wearing layers of clothing. Layers will trap your body heat and help keep you warm.

If all else fails, get yourself some hot cocoa! No New Yorker would ever leave home without their favorite mug of New York’s finest hot cocoa – also known as New York Style Hot Cocoa (made with milk!). It’s the ultimate New York winter drink that will keep you warm from head to toe.

Bring a hat and scarf with you

The New Yorker knows that their hats and scarves are essential items when it comes to staying warm during those New York winters. You’ll want a nice, big coat or jacket too – but also make sure you have your New Yorker staples of hat and scarf to stay warm.

Wear socks! New Yorkers know that wearing one pair of thin wool socks under your regular clothes can be the best way to keep you feet warm during a New York winter day.

Bubble wrap your windows

New Yorkers are pros at warming up their apartments during New York winters. The best way to do this is by using bubble wrap on your windows, which will help keep the cold out and trap your body heat inside.

Stay hydrated! New Yorker’s know that staying hydrated is key in those New York winter months when temperatures can dip below freezing.

Bring a headlamp with you

Headlamps are New York winters lifesavers because they allow New Yorker’s to see while driving in those dark NYC evenings making it easier for them to find their way home . New Yorker’s love their headlamps because they know that it will help them get home safely.

Warm Up Your Bed

If you have a co-sleeping partner, New Yorker’s recommend that one person sleep with their back to the other so they can keep each other warm. New Yorkers also suggest putting on an extra blanket or two for added warmth in the middle of winter night!

Carry Hand and Feet Warmers

New York winters are cold – New Yorker’s know this and New Yorker’s have some great ways to stay warm. New Yorkers love their hand and feet warmers, which can be found at most drug stores in New York .

Always Stay Active and Do Exercises

New Yorker’s know that New Yorkers can’t just sit in their apartment all winter long – so New York winters are the perfect time to get out there and exercise! New Yorker’s keep themselves warm by doing exercises, which will help them stay fit during those cold New York months.

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