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Chicago Only Major US City to Decrease in Population from 2015 to 2016

Destinations, Grea Homes, Real Estate, The New Yorker • 6 Comments

Chicago was the only city of the country’s 20 biggest to lose populace in 2016. According to data...
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Coca-Cola to Cut 1% of its Workforce

Career, Dining & Wine, Hustle & Bustle, Lifestyle, Money Tips • 3 Comments

Coca-Cola’s sales went down in the primary quarter as it reorganized its business. The company, which is currently the largest...
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NY Among 19 States Raising Minimum Wage in 2017

City Guide, New York Neighborhood, The New Yorker

New Yorkers will see an increase in minimum wage just in time for the New Year. New York is one of 19 states increasing its minimum wage in...
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