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Kelly Gets a New Host


Live with Kelly and who? The show’s been through some chaos the past few months, with Michael Strahan leaving the show as well as prior to him, Regis Philbin, and even before Kelly Ripa, there was Kathie Lee Gifford with Regis on ‘Live with Regis and Kathie Lee’. With the exit of Strahan leaving Ripa as a single host, there were questions surrounding who would replace Strahan. Well, the cat’s out of the bag with the new host being none other than the famous Ryan Seacrest.

Today Seacrest sat next to Ripa as it was announced that he would be the new co-host of now ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’. No stranger to television and hosting, it was suggested that Seacrest could be a host on the show. Although there is a new host, it wasn’t an easy transition.

Seacrest said that he and Ripa talked about co-hosting together years ago and that just at this years Oscars talk about a partnership got serious. Seacrest also said that his other jobs made it harder for this move to become possible. Now with him as a co-host the number one question was would he move to New York City from Los Angeles and his answer was yes. Ripa told reporters that her and Seacrest have always enjoyed working together. Seacrest also stated that it was a puzzle to get all of this to work by saying “I love to do a lot, but I am very conscious of making sure that no commitment is less favorite than another. They all deserve full focus, full attention, full energy.” Seacrest’s energy is just what the show needs after it was announced that it would be renewed until 2020.

Seacrest will move into the big apple this week and will split his time in New York City and Los Angeles by living in the city on weekdays and going back to LA on weekends. The move works out perfect since Seacrest has a radio studio here in Manhattan and can work there after taping Live.

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