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Increased Security Following Nice Attacks


As the world mourns over the attack on Nice, France, New York City is once again finding itself with increased security. So far this year there have been several attacks all over the world, and each time our city battles with the threat if we are next.

Last Thursday, a driver plowed through a crowd in Nice, while celebrating France’s independence day, killing 84. It was the third of a series of attacks on France, coming a few months after the deadly Paris attacks.

At the French consulate, flags were at half mast, and heavily armed NYPD officers stood outside of it. Airports, bridges, tunnels, mass transit systems, and famous landmarks have all had increased security. Not only is the city heavily guarded, but also the state. Rockefeller Center, Freedom Tower, and Times Square are among the most guarded areas.

Brooklyn’s French community were ‘shocked’ at the news, and had to re-evaluate their planned celebrations, as the date will now forever hold a lifetime of grief for the nation and it’s people.

According to the NYPD Deputy commissioner of counter-terrorism, John Miller, a truck attack was imminent, as they are not too common and one has not been done for years, since 14 years ago when a truck driver plowed through a busy crosswalk in Herald Square. His motive was depression, not revenge.

The consul general to the French embassy in the city condemned the attacks and was extremely saddened to hear his country had been under attack again, and that no champagne would be served at the offices, as they always were on Bastille Day.

The Helmsley building above Grand Central lit up the colors of the French flag to show sympathy to the French people and the families of the victims, as well to show that we are one.

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