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Biden Moves Vaccine Eligibility Deadline

Biden eligibility of vaccine

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden had moved the deadline for states to enable eligible citizens to receive the vaccine to April 19th, 2021.

President Biden Meets His Goals

In the 75 days, President Biden has successfully issued 150 million doses. His goal is to have 200 million vaccination shots within his 100th day in the office. Even if the progress is pleasing, the President is firm in fighting the coronavirus ‘war’ together as Americans by practicing unity.

Biden’s July 4th Plan

President Joe Biden believes Americans will celebrate the 4th of July. He says that there is a very high possibility for all Americans’ lives to return to normal with all citizens’ united efforts. He strongly believes the country will be back to normal within months. The President has achieved his vaccine goal.

“We know what we have to do. We have to ramp up a government approach that rallies the entire country and puts us on a war footing to beat this virus truly. And that’s what we’ve been doing, getting enough vaccine supply, mobilizing more vaccinators, creating more places to get vaccinated, and we’re now administering an average of 3 million shots per day, over 20 million shots a week,” President Joe Biden said.

Eligibility of vaccination

According to reports, 75% of people above 65 years of age have already got one shot. 55% have got both shots. President Biden is now envisioning 90% of adults getting vaccinated by April 19th. Around 40,000 pharmacies are taking part in the federal pharmacy vaccination program.

The Impact of COVID So Far

According to the Johns Hopkins University report issued on Tuesday, 555,600 citizens passed away because of the virus. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had noted that 167 million vaccinations had been administered.

The hate towards Asians in American has also spiraled amid the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, a protest regarding this racism issue happened in New York. Pop icon Rihanna also took part in it.

There has also been financial strain and loss of jobs. Several students are also facing trouble in paying back loans. President Biden recently considered the matter.

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