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7 Skin Care Solutions for Eczema


What is Eczema?

According to Mayo Clinic, Eczema which in medical terms known as Atopic Dermatitis. This is a condition that makes your skin turn red and itch. Although it is common in children, it can also affect adults and the elderly. This is dependable on the geographical location they are based in as well as the nature of daily chores involved. Despite the fact that Eczema tends to flare periodically, it is a chronic condition. This chronic disease sometimes causes hay fever. Experts say that so far no cure has been found to treat Eczema.

The triggers that flare up Eczema is mostly relating to everyday activities. Dermatologists have advised on and off how to break this routine which leads to unbearable skin irritation. In this article, we look into the possible skincare solutions for keeping Eczema at bay if not for curing.

  1. Moisture

Sufferers of Eczema can keep the chronic disease at bay starting with this daily routine of moisturizing. Regular moisturizing can never be overrated. This is a vital skincare tip to include in your daily life as it offers you abundant benefits throughout. Dermatologist Dr. Adam Friedman said that the best way to use moisturizer is on damp skin as it will then have the ability to lock moisture. Never ever compromise on moisturizing that may open up the path for irritants to sneak in while permitting water to escape. This means trouble. The daily aim should be to try and lock the moisture on your skin right after showering. This is possible with a moisturizer. Upon protecting your skin barriers for a period of time leads to healthy skin and a significant change in your skin.

  • No soap, no Eczema

According to experts, “Soaps function to strip away fat and dirt from the skin.” Further, they explained that the alkaline in soap is acidic. This messes with the balance by letting it shift making symptoms of Eczema worse than it already is. Not all soaps are bad for eczema, some are specifically for improving symptoms of eczema. Avoiding body washes is a key factor. This is because most body washes contain skin-drying ingredients that can feel flaky right after the shower. If you still prefer using one, you could always get the pharmacist’s assistance in picking up the ideal body wash or soap. There are soaps ideal for eczema-prone skin types. But if your skin is prone to irritate almost to anything you use, plain old water can do just fine. Just skipping soap can help escape flaky, dry, and irritating skin for some eczema sufferers.

  • Turn the heat down

It is advisable by most dermatologists to turn the heat down and use only lukewarm water when showering.  Heat according to experts is a factor that decreases the skin and strips away fats and oils on skin that acts against eczema. The oils and fats on the skin are therefore beneficial for dry and flaky skin. However excess oil and fat on the skin can cause acne breakouts so lukewarm water should do just fine in any case. Extremely hot water especially during the winter season can also stimulate mast cells. This encourages the release of histamines that lead to triggering issues as itch and scratch which cause eczema worse than ever before. Therefore, your skincare regime should focus on including lukewarm water showers and baths to avoid unnecessary trouble that invites eczema.

  • Consider Dipping

According to dermatologist Dr. Peter A. Lio, “A bath a day may keep eczema flare-ups away.” Bicarbonate soda, sunflower seed oil, and apple cider vinegar are top ingredients and addictive that can help soothe your eczema-prone skin. Despite the fact that bathing alone tends to be more positive, using the above ingredients has been beneficial to some eczema sufferers. This means, listening to your body here is important. If it requires extra care, then why not? But if it doesn’t like pampering, enjoying a plain bath to soothe out your skin daily would be nice. But remember to moisturize right after a shower. Trying and hydrating your skin throughout is what you should aim for.

  • Beware of your triggers

Irritants such as smoke, dust, adhesives, formaldehyde, disinfectants, and anti-bacteria’s in personal care products are popular culprits that trigger eczema in daily life. Overheating on the other hand is also considered as the main factor that leads to eczema. Although normal people in such circumstances may feel slightly itchy an eczema patient may feel over the edge and activate flare-ups and itching immediately. Limiting exposure to such irritants maybe sometimes impossible depending on the nature of the work involved. But limiting when possible and taking measures as covering up with appropriate clothing and wearing a mask could sometimes save you from all the trouble. Being aware of your triggers here is the key.

  • Depend on Sunscreen as a habit

Experts suggest everyone include sunscreen in their daily skincare regime. However, eczema patients should focus more on getting sunscreen included in their routine for many benefits. It acts as a solution as long as you invest in the right cream. Try avoiding and limiting the use of chemical screens to benefit your overall skin health. Opt to slather on a sunscreen that includes physical favorers as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for these act gentler on the skin resulting in less irritation. Advisably checking what’s on the label of a sunscreen can provide you with extra protection and assure longevity in terms of skincare.

  • Go Fragrance-Free

Most skincare products are full of fragrance simply to be attractive and seem appealing to customers. But this should not be the case for eczema patients. Everything that you use on a daily basis ranging from cleaning products to make up should all be fragrance-free, all for a good reason. Since eczema sufferers are more irritant to fragrance products, opting out to fragrance-free will therefore be a wise choice. Try and stick to plant-based ingredients that are more likely to be gentler on the skin.

In conclusion, if you go by the above suggestions on a daily basis, there’s a high chance to cure eczema and more importantly to stay away from the irritated flaky skin.

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